Greenwood Coppicing is a small, traditional woodland business based in the beautiful Blackmore Vale in south Somerset/north Dorset.  We are a producer and supplier of traditional and contemporary coppice products, as well as providing woodland management advice and contracting, specialising in small woodlands and ecologically sensitive sites.



About Coppicing

Coppicing is a traditional woodland management technique which both provides a sustainable supply of wood, whilst supporting habitats for some of our rarest and most threatened species of wildlife.

Whilst on the surface coppicing appears destructive, the practice of felling certain tree species during the winter months results in multiple new stems being produced the following spring.  After a certain time, these can then be harvested and used to produce a variety of products.  The habitat created through coppicing supports a diverse array of flora and fauna which have evolved hand-in-hand with this woodland management technique.

On the surface this sounds simple enough, but coppicing actually requires an experienced and skilled approach to ensure a healthy and vigorous regrowth (on which both your business and the wildlife depends).  After all, without that regrowth, you are simply clearfelling.

A more detailed introduction to coppicing can be found here.


Greenwood Coppicing provides a range of services for woodland owners, agents and managers.  We specialise in small woodlands and, in particular, those that are environmentally sensitive (ie. SSSIs or SACs).

Services include:

+  Coppicing

+  Overstood coppice restoration

+  Selective tree thinning

+  Scrub clearance

+  Hedgelaying (Devon, Dorset & North Somerset styles)

+  Woodland Assessments

+  Preparation of Woodland Management Plans and felling licence applications

+  Biodiversity Assessments & Protected Species advice


If you would like any more information about our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Email: greenwoodcoppice@gmail.com

Telephone: 07793275039